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  • Envirolin Canada

    Biodegradable synthetic lubricants
    ENVIROLIN is the new Canadian benchmark importer and marketer of world renowned biodegradable Swiss-made PANOLIN® lubricants. Enviro Energy new corporate signature illustrates the wide variety of PANOLIN® environment friendly lubricants for all uses by heavy industry, marine, exploration and oil...
  • CITGO Petroleum Corp.

    From distillates and unbranded gasoline, to high-quality lubricants, to petrochemical and solvents, CITGO manufactures and markets an extensive range of commercial products for your business.
  • Syn-Tech Ltd.

  • Lubriplate Lubricants

  • Lignum-Vitae Bearings

  • Starlight Maintenance, Inc.

  • Protorque

  • Sudbury Boat Care Products

  • Technol Fuel Conditioners Inc

    Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. manufactures, packages, and distributes its own proprietary line of enhanced fuel conditioners. Each product is specifically designed to target and correct multiple known fuel issues and problems inherent in fossil and blended fuels. Our products are available...
  • Kluber Lubrication NA LP

    Reliable equipment operation at sea is extremely important. At the same time, marine conditions are extremely tough on ships and offshore equipment. By selecting the right lubricant, you will obtain long relubrication intervals and trouble-free operation.