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Scania’s marine solutions provide flexibility in terms of ratings, equipment, transmissions and instrumentation. Scania’s engines for auxiliary and power generation have been designed and developed to handle the special circumstances at sea. This means easy access to service points, robust...

Mack Boring is one of America’s leading distributors of marine diesel engines.

Bell Power Systems, located in Essex, Connecticut, is a wholesale value-added distributor of industrial and marine diesel engines for nineteen Northeastern, mid-Atlantic and upper mid-west states. Originally incorporated in 1967 as Bell Detroit Diesel, the company now is the authorized...

Diesel and gas engines with a comprehensive output range from five to 10,000 hp.

DOC/SCR Engines: Additional air-cooled ratings join our current 9.0L and 13.5L radiator-cooled, dry exhaust manifold engines.
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