UniTherm Employs New Sales Team And Rolls Out New Product

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UniTherm Employs New Sales Team And Rolls Out New Product

UniTherm International has consistently pressed for advancements in the plastics industry.  UniTherm high-temperature insulation jackets, proven to defend employees against injury, lower energy costs, and lower the ambient air temperature in a facility, is the latest product to hit the market with boundless success. UniTherm is currently working to standardize the UniVest insulation jacket. UniTherm now offers UniVest in pre-made outer diameter and widths needed to appropriately insulate a product.  The lightweight and flexible UniVest comes with a 5-year warranty and can be easily reinstalled on machines with daily use. 

The advancement of UniTherm and the UniVest has permitted boundless growth within the company.  Due to this success, UniTherm has recently welcomed Rusty Evans and Richard Genc to its sales team.  

Rusty Evans is the Southeast Regional Sales Manager, located in Sarasota, Florida.  Rusty has previously had the success of launching a self-owned representative firm: operating with screw machine parts and wire forms, plastics, and stampings.  Rusty also has abundant knowledge in government/defense, electronics, medical, municipalities, fleet/transportation, and the food/beverage industries. Rusty's vast knowledge also has roots in advertising and previously working as the Bureau Manager on the west coast of Florida. 

Rusty enjoys devoting time to his family; his daughters 95 pound bulldog Copper, as well as the great outdoors. Rusty's life motto is turning difficulty into success.

Richard Genc is the Midwest Regional Sales Manager, located in McHenry, Illinois.   Richard comes to UniTherm International with over twenty years of experience in the Plastics Industry.  Richard's earlier sales professions incorporated selling capital equipment for hospitals and industrial purposes: the sales and installation regulation of hot and cold runner systems, pneumatic conveying and distribution systems, injection molding components and associated equipment to extrusion and injection molding plastic processors.  

Richard is regarded as a dependable source of information and knowledge in the plastics industry due to his successful career advancements: sales representative, regional manager, national sales manager, and director of sales.  

Rusty Evans and Richard Genc offer valuable knowledge and experience in sales and the plastics industry alike.  UniTherm is delighted to bring these talented individuals to the team, and look forward to working together to advance expansion and innovations in plastics.  

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