Governor Control Systems and Motor Services Hugo Stamp Unify Under MSHS Brand

Press Release from MSHS

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (May 12, 2022) – Motor Services Hugo Stamp and Governor Control Systems are rebranding as one entity named MSHS.  The unification marks the next milestone in the company’s successful history spanning nearly 40 years of engine sales and services, control systems, and engineered solutions for marine, industrial, energy, defense, and government clients. 

Previously operating as separate entities, Governor Control Systems and Motor Services Hugo Stamp have been leaders in their respected fields and recognized worldwide for their technical expertise and turn-key solutions.  Through the unification and rebranding, MSHS makes doing business easier and provides greater value achieved through operational efficiencies, process refinements, and resource collaborations. 

“After years of cooperation and synergy between the two companies, the time has come to unite them under one brand,” said David A. Santamaria, CEO of the newly unified MSHS.  “Many of our customers’ power generation and propulsion systems require service for their engines and auxiliary equipment, as well as their control systems. Now they will benefit from one trusted partner to support their systems, thus offering a streamlined, integrated approach to service and support.”

MSHS will maintain its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Motor Services Hugo Stamp and Governor Control Systems have shared facilities for nearly 40 years.  Two locations in Louisiana and one in the state of Washington will continue to serve customers under the unified MSHS brand.  All four locations provide access to one of the largest, in-stock original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts inventories in the Northern Hemisphere.

“MSHS has a long history of engineering excellence which, coupled with our commitment to the highest levels of service, has enabled us to establish strong relationships with the world’s leading brands as an authorized channel partner and service center,” said Lea E. Kellogg, CFO for the new MSHS.  “Unifying as MSHS further strengthens these partnerships, while making it easier for all customers to do business with us.”

The modern design of the new logo communicates MSHS’ customer commitment to “Keeping Business Moving Forward.”  A tribute to the impressive history of Motor Services Hugo Stamp and Governor Control Systems, the logo’s block shapes, and curve elements represent MSHS’ strength and approachability. The logo is complemented by green and blue, symbolizing land and water—the broad landscapes in which MSHS does business. 

“The logo invites viewers to see familiar elements of our history, such as an M for Motor Services or the subtle G outline for Governor Control,” said Randall J. Nunmaker, Director of Sales and Marketing at MSHS.  “But most importantly, the logo conveys our brand’s strength, commitment, and the forward energy of our teams—the heroes and innovators who continue to serve our trusted partners and valued customers.”

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