Products by John Deere Power Systems
  • New John Deere 13.6L Engine

    We developed the PowerTechâ„¢ 13.6L engine with a clean-sheet design. This means we designed the product from the ground up, leveraging our best technologies in new ways to meet both market and customer demands. Our product development approach for the 13.6L resulted in an engine that delivers... Read More
  • Marine Propulsion Engine

    Our new 4.5L 315 hp marine propulsion engine Sea trials reveal impressive speed, low-end torque, and fuel efficiency. A high-power density engine for light-duty commercial vessels, high-speed government applications, and high-speed pleasure craft. Read More
  • DOC/SCR Engines

    Additional air-cooled ratings join our current 9.0L and 13.5L radiator-cooled, dry exhaust manifold engines. Read More
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  • John Deere offers new engine ratings for global marine markets Posted