Advanced Polymer Coatings launches TriFLEX™ to revolutionize rail car protective coating systems

Press Release from Advanced Polymer Coatings

AVON, OHIO headquartered manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) has launched TriFLEX™ - its revolutionary new exterior coating system for the rail industry.

Developed in close collaboration with global leaders in the chemical sector and major rail rolling stock operators, TriFLEX™ is an industry-changing product that harnesses APC’s newly developed triple resin technology.

The new direct to metal coating system harnesses Nobel Prize-winning technology to outclass the existing exterior coating landscape within the rail industry. This innovative solution combines three powerful resin systems, offering unparalleled advantages: superior chemical resistance for maximum protection, enhanced mechanical toughness providing industry leading flexibility and impact resistance, and exceptional UV stability and weatherability to withstand the harshest conditions.

The rail car protective coating system is the result of intensive lab development work, industry collaborations, and successful field trials. TriFLEX™ also marks the latest major investment by fast growing APC.

The innovative business, home of established coating products MarineLINE® and ChemLINE®, is undertaking a multi-million-dollar expansion project, doubling the size of its factory with new automated production lines that will quadruple its manufacturing capacity.

Matt Sokol, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at APC, believes TriFLEX™ meets a major need for the rail industry and is excited by its global possibilities.

He said: “The way TriFLEX™ has been developed and the aims we set out to at the start of the project are in the core DNA of APC, which is to meet the needs of our customers through innovation and to create stand-out, industry leading products. It’s important when developing these new products that they’re looked at as long-term solutions, not sacrificial layers.

“We believe there’s a gap in the industry. You can invest in a coating with great chemical resistance, but you sacrifice performance in other categories like UV stability and impact resistance. The triple resin technology we have developed, working with global experts in their fields, sets TriFLEX™ apart and provides a complete package of unmatched protection and performance without sacrifice for rail tank cars and hopper cars. It is an industry first and we are very proud to announce its launch.

“It comes at an incredibly exciting time for APC. We’re seeing significant growth and investment across the business. TriFLEX™ will also play an important part in the growth of our manufacturing capability.”

Field trials of TriFLEX™ have highlighted its excellent UV resistance, non-chalking, superior impact, and flexibility along with its resistance to Splash and Spill (acids).

The product’s easy application and quick drying and return to service times have also been highlighted by rail rolling stock operators involved in the trials process.

Jake Valadez, Global Industrial Manager at APC, said: “Critically the response we’re having on field trials is showing considerable improvements on existing products with great feedback from rail companies.

“Unlike existing direct to metal exterior coatings, TriFLEX™ affords a much higher degree of flexibility, impact, and weathering resistance.

“The one-coat system’s complete, triple resin technology is the innovation which gives it the competitive edge.

 “TriFLEX™ has been designed to deliver exceptional performance in the harshest of environments. It is not just durable, but it also offers superior mechanical performance compared with traditional coatings.

“The advanced formula we have created further ensures long-lasting colour and gloss retention, maintaining a vibrant appearance over time. We believe it really is a game-changer.”

For more details on TriFLEX™ and APC contact: tel: +1 216-438-9076 visit: write: 951 Jaycox Rd Avon, OH 44011 United States

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