When Your USCG License is on the Line, Relationships Matter

Press Release from MOPS Marine License Insurance

We all know the saying “relationships matter.” It is applicable to just about all areas of personal and business life. And, it certainly pertains to the insurance company you choose to protect your USCG marine license and professional reputation.

As a U.S. mariner, any incident—from a close call to a major collision—can spark the Coast Guard to initiate a Suspension & Revocation (S&R) proceeding against you, leading to costly legal expenses and jeopardizing your career. Marine license insurance provides pre-paid legal defense in such a proceeding.

For the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case, your insurance carrier must have a strong relationship with the attorneys in its network. These relationships start with the vetting process in which the insurance company confirms that each attorney meets a certain set of requirements before he or she may represent you. After all, your mariner’s license and your livelihood are at stake. So, it’s crucial that your insurer only puts you in touch with an attorney who understands the intricacies of maritime law and routinely represents the interests of individual mariners in S&R hearings. In fact, the better the relationship between your insurance company and attorney, the more you benefit since collaboration between these two parties produces a collection of knowledge and skill not available through just one or the other.

Another connection that matters when it comes to protecting your USCG license is your attorney’s relationship in the local port…which can take time to develop. Admiralty lawyers who specialize in marine license defense have first-hand experience interacting with the USCG and their state pilotage authority, so they will already have a solid understanding of how these government bodies operate. These attorneys will also know the best arguments, as well as the best defense strategy, for handling your particular case.

As a professional mariner, it’s not always smooth sailing. That’s why you need marine license insurance from an insurer that has spent years fostering relationships with attorneys with the right backgrounds and knowledge to represent your interests in S&R proceedings. An excellent example is MOPS Marine License Insurance, which has over eighty years of experience safeguarding professional mariners and a network of more than 100 highly-qualified admiralty law firms with offices in every major U.S. port and satellite locations throughout the country. Because, when it comes to protecting your USCG license, your professional reputation and your career… Relationships Matter .

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