Full-Featured Watermaker, At An Affordable Price

Press Release from FCI Watermakers

Too often, boat owners must compromise when shopping for a watermaker. Choices are either inexpensive but basic, manually operated models, or one with all the bells and whistles—and a cost to match. FCI Watermakers offers the Aquamiser+, a full-featured marine desalinator with a value-minded price that won't break the bank. It's perfect for cruising sailboats, trawlers, sportfish boats and large yachts.

Once considered a luxury, watermakers are now simply a modern, onboard convenience. Through advances in technology, they've become much more efficient and reliable.

Completely programmable, the Aquamiser+ will automatically start, run and cycle through unattended maintenance tasks, such as fresh water flushing. Extremely quiet, the system continually monitors the entire watermaking process. It checks for water contaminants, such as total dissolved solids (TDS), tank levels and filter problems.

Processes are easily set up with the intuitive touch pad on the watermaker's remote display. It also shows operation status, diagnostics, and production details. Adaptable, it can be installed up to 150' away.

Given all the features the Aquamiser+ provides, it's surprisingly compact. The watermaker is available in either a framed configuration, or modular, which is ideal for bulkheads and fitting in around other engine room equipment. It's also easy on a boat's electric supply, with only a moderate power draw.

Like all FCI Watermakers' products, this particular watermaking machine uses only non-proprietary parts—an important consideration for owners venturing far from port. The company's network of authorized dealers and distributors spans 60 countries.

The dependable, decades-proven Aquamiser+ series of watermakers has six models that will produce between 250–1,800 gallons of pure, fresh water per day. All will integrate with FCI Watermakers' innovative Dockside Treatment System (DTS) models.

Contact FCI Watermakers, 3782 W 2340 S "E", West Valley, UT 84120. 801-906-8840 or toll-free in the US 800-850-0123. [email protected], www.fciwatermakers.com.

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