Clean, Fresh Water More Than A Luxury On A Large Yacht

Press Release from FCI Watermakers

The fresh water demands on a large yacht are considerable. Beyond mere drinking and bathing, there’s often a need to fill hot tubs and pools, and use it for boat systems and routine deck washing. FCI Watermakers’ innovative Neptune series makes from 1,275 to 9,500 gallons of pure, fresh water every day—enough for the most sizable vessel.

The Neptune is the industry standard for large, reliable and highly efficient marine reverse osmosis systems. Commercial-grade, non-proprietary parts and assemblies ensure 24/7 performance. It has type certification approval from ABS, CE, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The unit comes with FCI Watermakers’ next-generation V4 control system. The intuitive 7″ color touchscreen panel provides instant access to the Neptune’s watermaking processes. Marine-certified for temperature extremes allows for its use in often hot and humid engines rooms.

With +APC (automated pressure control), the watermaking process becomes truly touch-free. The system will start, make water, run diagnostics, shut down, complete a fresh water flush and come back online, all automatically.

Because an ocean-going yacht can find its way to the most remote corners of the world, it must contend with high levels of sedimentation and fluctuating salinity levels. The Neptune is engineered to perform in environments where other systems become inoperable or cannot achieve the required output.

When a yacht is dockside, FCI Watermakers’ optional Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is ideal. Working in-line with the Neptune, or as the stand-alone DTS+Solo, the DTS connects to the marina’s water service. Removing 99% of total dissolved solids, it provides easy, spot-free rinsing for deck and hull washing. In areas where there are safety concerns surrounding the potable supply, it removes 100% of viruses, cysts and bacteria.

FCI only builds state-of-the-art watermakers. The company’s dependable units are trusted worldwide for use on thousands of yachts, and commercial and naval vessels. It offers models with capacities from 200 to over 265,000 gallons per day.

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