BoatSafe Heaters

Edisto Beach, SC

About BoatSafe Heaters

BoatSafe heaters allow you to get the most out of boating season. With unpredictable weather conditions and sudden drops in temperature, it’s not always feasible to go out and check your boat when the weather starts to get bad. That’s why, we have a variety of bilge heaters for sale to keep the engine warm and dry.

Competitors of BoatSafe Heaters

Cast Aluminum Solutions

Cast Aluminum Solutions designs and manufactures custom-engineered thermal products for a wide range of heating applications – and our our CAST-X Circulation Heaters are appropriate for heating liquids & gases for a wide range of applications. Cast Aluminum Solutions serves OEMs, end-users, and... Read More

Tranter Phe Inc

Tranter brings optimized thermal systems to platforms and vessels with an extensive range of plate heat exchangers. Our units provide maximum efficiency for various closed-circuit cooling systems at sea, as well as for fresh water production and HVAC systems. Read More


When cold weather hits, Powerblanket® heaters protect expensive equipment and products from the effects of freezing temperatures. Read More