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valencia, 91381
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About Steele Environmental

SE markets the patented Viroleum fuel conditioner to help reduce emissions from al diesel platforms. Just finished a year long study and black carbon particulates were reduced 99%!
If you goal is reducing emissions we are a perfect fit for you.
And the fuel savings of 8% and more will assure it pays for itself in fuel savings.
Non flammable for safe use on your vessel, no mixing is required.
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Products by Steele Environmental

By Steele Environmental

We are all seeking ways to reduce our operating costs. What is you can do that and at the same time and reduce emissions? With our patented Eco Fuel Diesel Conditioner you have both! Our fuel conditioner is Green! Made from sustainable biodegradable ingredients to emulsify water in fuel making... Read more »

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Press Release

Press Release

Press Release

By Steele Environmental

Announcement of appointment of Steele Environmental as North American Distributor.
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