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Level 1/2A Rothwell Avenue
Auckland, 0632
New Zealand

About Navicom Dynamics


Navicom Dynamics is passionate about building marine navigation systems and providing training on precision positioning technology. We know that maritime professionals need to be highly efficient, safe, and accurate when navigating, and our systems and training are designed and manufactured to facilitate this. We’ve been working with the maritime industry for close to two decades now, designing and manufacturing the best precision navigation systems in the world.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we service customers in over 40 countries. Our satisfied customers include marine pilots, mooring masters, harbour masters, terminal operators, and port authorities in over 300 ports.

We also provide extensive training on Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) use and best practice, to equip you and your pilots with everything you need to be confident Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) users. We can’t wait to partner with you and boost your efficiency, improve your safety, and enhance your situational awareness on the water.

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Products by Navicom Dynamics

By Navicom Dynamics

HarbourPilot Mk5 is the newest generation of Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) and is about to set a new world standard in high-quality precision navigation systems. Our popular and trusted HarbourPilot unit has been through a complete redesign - to be lighter, faster, and more accurate than ever... Read more »

By Navicom Dynamics

CanalPilot receives accurate and real-time vessel dynamics information on any number of screens to equip the vessels’ navigational crew and key personnel and synchronise operations and communication.  CanalPilot is user-friendly and becomes a familiar secondary source of reliable and accurate... Read more »

By Navicom Dynamics

ChannelPilot offers freedom from the Pilot Plug. It is a cost-effective, semi-independent PPU, offering a combination of independent mGNSS positioning and highly accurate rate-of-turn with semi-independent heading data. ChannelPilot also offers excellent independent AIS target reception and is... Read more »

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