10/18/21- Marine Log- TLB

Products in the Marine Log Buyer's Guide

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  • Grease By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial greases resist oxidation, remain in place despite rigorous operation and combat wear in industrial applications, helping equipment operate properly and last longer. Read More
  • Gear Oil By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial gear oils help protect against wear and promote long component life in industrial gear applications, including wind turbines, stamping presses and more. Read More
  • Guidance for Barge-Mounted Mobile Cranes By Stewart Technology Associates

    We perform Crane Basic Stability Calculations. We calculate backwards stability and determine if required margins are met. The combine afloat stability of the crane-barge combination is assessed. We de-rate the manufacturer's charts for machine list and reach, both influenced by the hydrostatic... Read More