Products in the Marine Log Buyer's Guide

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  • In-Line Thrusters By Naiad Dynamics

    Available in five sizes and seven power levels, the NAIAD In Line Bow Thruster and In Line Stern Thruster is an extraordinarily compact unit with high output relative to its tunnel diameter. A unique feature of this design is the highly skewed 7 blade propeller offering maximum thrust and... Read More
  • INS-DU - Low-cost Dual Antenna Inertial Navigation System By Inertial Labs Inc

    INS-DU is a high performance system that determines position, velocity, and absolute orientation to any platform that it is mounted to. It utilizes a dual antenna u-blox GNSS receiver that provides 1 cm RTK position from RTCM3 RTK corrections and supports a wide range of GNSS constellations.... Read More
  • Integrated Hydraulic Systems By Naiad Dynamics

    NAIAD thrusters and stabilizer systems are routinely combined into well-configured Integrated Hydraulic Systems that provide common hydraulic power, fluid filtration, and system cooling. NAIAD Integrated Systems save space and weight, reduce overlapping and redundant components, minimize piping... Read More