Products in the Marine Log Buyer's Guide

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  • Naiad Roll Stabilization By Naiad Dynamics

    All vessels have their own roll period depending on hull shape and loading. Wave motions initiate this roll and, if in close synchronization with the hull’s natural roll period, roll may build to uncomfortable or even dangerous proportions. The principle behind NAIAD fin stabilization is to... Read More
  • Naiad Stabilizer Control Systems By Naiad Dynamics

    NAIAD fin movement is commanded by a control system that senses the vessel’s motions and issues precise control commands to the rest of the Roll Stabilizer System in proportion to those motions. As the controller senses the slightest roll motion, the fins respond instantly and in exactly the... Read More
  • Naval Architectural Analysis By Stewart Technology Associates

    We perform Naval Architectural Analysis in accordance with the requirements of USACE Safety and Health Manual, EM 385-1-1, Section 16.L. We produce bespoke Floating Service Load Charts in compliance with: Floating Service Load Chart if Manufacturer’s Floating Service Load Chart is not available,... Read More
  • Naval Architecture By Elliott Bay Design Group

    Elliott Bay Design Group has a solid history of delivering all aspects of naval architecture services. Our attention to detail, ability to listen, professionalism and understanding of regulations assures project success, regardless of the scope. We pride ourselves in staying current with the... Read More
  • Naval Vessels By Swiftships Inc.

    Swiftships’ delivery to all branches of the U.S. military, commercial/private companies, and 52 foreign countries has established Swiftships’ recognition as a leader in the shipbuilding industry today. We are committed to customer satisfaction through unique programs that provide warranty... Read More
  • Neptune+ By FCI Watermakers

    With output capacities ranging from 3,400 to 10,000 GPD, the Neptune+ Series has established itself as a dependable workhorse by utilizing premium components: 316SS pumps, commercial filtration, NEMA 4X electrical enclosures, slow turning HP pumps, pressure vessels with 6x the safety factor, and... Read More
  • Neptune+ OG By FCI Watermakers

    The Neptune+ OG and its rugged design is the optimal solution for extreme operating conditions. The Neptune+ OG line is our newest development in the Neptune Series of watermakers. The rugged design addresses the demanding needs of the Oil and Gas industry, Rental Fleets, Isolated Island... Read More
  • New John Deere 13.6L Engine By John Deere Power Systems

    We developed the PowerTech™ 13.6L engine with a clean-sheet design. This means we designed the product from the ground up, leveraging our best technologies in new ways to meet both market and customer demands. Our product development approach for the 13.6L resulted in an engine that delivers... Read More
  • NMEA Splitters & Buffers By Scandinavian Micro Systems Inc

    Type Approved NMEA Splitters/ Buffers Read More
  • Non-Varnishing Turbine Fluids By American Chemical Technologies, Inc.

    Major oil companies have been forced to remove carcinogens from their lubricant base stocks and, after several iterations (Group I to Group II to Group III base stocks), the resulting base materials exhibit poor solvency and issues with heightened varnish formation. These deficiencies are... Read More