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About Terragon Environmental Technologies

At Terragon, we help shipowners comply with ever-changing environmental regulations so they can operate at sea anywhere while improving brand image.

Waste management on ships and sea platforms remains a serious operational challenge characterized by excessive costs and potential health and environmental risks. It is complex, inefficient, labor-intensive and the overall waste management approach has been shaped by the evolution of international regulations aimed at protecting the environment. Terragon offers innovative and easy-to-implement solutions for ships and sea platforms for solid waste, sludges and oily bilgewater:

1- MAGS, our patented Micro Auto Gasification System, is the best solution to comply with MARPOL regulations. This award-winning technology will reduce the waste volume by over 95%, but more interestingly, will convert waste into useful energy that can be integrated back into the vessel. Replace your shipboard incinerators with MAGS, a safer thermal treatment device producing clean emissions and can operate anywhere, including in ports.

2- WETT-O, our patented Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology for Oily Water, is the best solution for bilgewater treatment. It is compact, fully automated with on/off capability and rapid start-up. WETT complies with the strictest MARPOL regulations which gives you security while cruising in protected areas like the Baltic Sea.

OUR SYSTEMS WORK ONBOARD, NOT JUST IN A LAB! Enabling "Zero-Discharge" vessels with simple appliances to treat solid and liquid waste onboard.

For your ship installations, contact our fantastic team to find out if your ship can benefit from MAGS and WETT. Future Proof Your Ship & Sail Headache Free!

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Products by Terragon Environmental Technologies

By Terragon Environmental Technologies

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By Terragon Environmental Technologies

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By Terragon Environmental Technologies

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