10/18/21- Marine Log- TLB

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    We developed STA BARMOT for STA for preliminary calculation of the natural periods and RAOs (response amplitude operators) of prismatic (or roughly prismatic) marine barges. The RAOs are produced in a form suitable for direct input to OrcaFlex. Since the roll response of marine barges is... Read More
  • Dynamic Mooring Analysis

    Stewart Technology Associates (STA) have designed and analyzed pier project moorings, spread moorings in shallow and deep (up to 3,000 m) water. We use OrcaFlex and other in-house tools for hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic mooring analysis. We also specialize in SINGLE POINT MOORING analysis... Read More
  • Guidance for Barge-Mounted Mobile Cranes

    We perform Crane Basic Stability Calculations. We calculate backwards stability and determine if required margins are met. The combine afloat stability of the crane-barge combination is assessed. We de-rate the manufacturer's charts for machine list and reach, both influenced by the hydrostatic... Read More

    STA LIFTBOAT is a software package used by designers and also by the US Coast Guard for evaluating liftboat design submissions. The purpose of STA LIFTBOAT is to calculate the structural response and pad reactions of liftboats in the elevated mode, subject to environmental and gravity loads. The... Read More
  • Naval Architectural Analysis

    We perform Naval Architectural Analysis in accordance with the requirements of USACE Safety and Health Manual, EM 385-1-1, Section 16.L. We produce bespoke Floating Service Load Charts in compliance with: Floating Service Load Chart if Manufacturer’s Floating Service Load Chart is not available,... Read More
  • Single Point Mooring Analysis

    Single Point Moorings STA specializes in the dynamic analysis of single point moorings. CALM buoys, mooring chains and underbuoy, or submarine, hoses are modelled in the time domain with OrcaFlex. Moored tankers are also modelled in the time domain with OrcaFlex with diffraction and added mass... Read More
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