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By Envirolin Canada

Synthetic PANOLIN® lubricants marketed by ENVIROLIN are without compromise. Moreover, they are biodegradable, non-toxic, stable and performing over long periods of time and do not wear out. For example, lubricants changes after 12 000 hours for mobile equipments and up to 50 years periods for... Read more »

By Harris, Reed & Seiferth Insurance Group

Vessel owners need the right risk-management solutions to help protect vessels wherever they are. Our marine hull coverage offers that protection, helping cover accidental loss or damage to vessels on the water or at the dock. Having both the product and underwriting knowledge in this growing... Read more »

By 360 Coverage Pros Mariner Liability Insurance

PILOTS & DOCKING MASTERS Mariner Liability Insurance Program for Professional Mariners

As a Pilot & Docking Master, you’ve worked hard to build your career as a licensed mariner. Protect your livelihood with coverage through the 360 Coverage Pros Mariner Liability Insurance program. This program provides comprehensive coverage options at affordable rates for Mariners. Apply for... Read more »

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By FCI Watermakers

Unrivaled quality and superior manufacturing with proven reliability in the most demanding of applications. With output ranging from 14,265 – 27,210 GPD, capacity can be easily re-configured with additional vessels. The frame is powder coated Aluminum with built-in forklift slots, and lifting... Read more »

By Wave Marine Wire

Primary Marine Wire

UL 1028 / UL 1015 are marine cable used in pleasure crafts, trailers and other vehicles. Marine wire & cable are a specialized electrical cable used in boats and ships to connect electrical equipment and components. It is designed to withstand harsh marine environments, including exposure to... Read more »

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By Osborne Propellers

A little bit of information can go a long way. Please go to our website and complete as much of the form as possible and be clear what you are looking for. Read more »

By Osborne Propellers

Osborne has been repairing, modifying and rebuilding marine propellers, rudders and struts since 1935. Our experienced technicians utilize some of the most specialized equipment in the industry to rebuild damaged propellers to original ISO standards. Whether you have a small outboard, large... Read more »

By Osborne Propellers

Whether we make them ourselves or supply them from another manufacturer. Osborne is your professional source for new propellers. Osborne is set up to design and build or source and supply propellers for all types of vessels. We've negotiated with many of the worlds leading propeller... Read more »