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By Terragon Environmental Technologies

MAGS™ is our proprietary Micro Auto Gasification System that can treat most waste streams including food contaminated waste, plastic, packaging, oils and sludges. MAGS uses Terragon’s patented technology, the Auto Gasification Process, to thermally break down hydrocarbons in waste and transform... Read more »

By Wave Marine Wire

Marine Battery Cable

UL 1284 / UL 1283 are a marine cable used in pleasure crafts, trailers and other vehicles. Marine battery cable is a type of electrical cable specifically designed for use in boats and other marine vessels. The main function of marine battery cable is to carry electrical current between the... Read more »

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By Jiangsu Ouco Heavy Industry and Technology Co., Ltd.

OUCO specializes in all kinds of marine cranes, including stiff boom marine cranes, telescopic boom marine cranes, foldable and knuckle boom marine cranes, which are suitable for all kinds of handling operations in ships and harbors. Our cranes can be customized to meet different applications... Read more »

By Elliott Bay Design Group

Elliott Bay Design Group has earned a reputation for providing an appropriate level of sophistication and detail to our marine engineering products. To provide designs that truly work as intended aboard vessels requires an intimate understanding of vessel operations. This understanding can only... Read more »

By Swiftships Inc.

The Engineering Department at Swiftships produces technical designs to international specifications and standards – American Bureau of Shipping, United States Coast Guard, Mil-Standard, inter alia. State-of-the-art CAE and CAD systems are among the many design tools employed to create functional... Read more »

By MOPS Marine License Insurance

Unlimited License Defense - Included Fully paid legal representation and defense by experienced maritime attorneys if you are involved in a shipping casualty or incident that leads to action against your marine licenses. There are no co-insurance clauses and no hidden deductibles. Professional... Read more »

By John Deere Power Systems

Our new 4.5L 315 hp marine propulsion engine Sea trials reveal impressive speed, low-end torque, and fuel efficiency. A high-power density engine for light-duty commercial vessels, high-speed government applications, and high-speed pleasure craft. Read more »

By Global Training Solutions Inc

A full range of marine training courses offered online, simulation, blended and competence-based learning and assessment for the maritime industry, using the best resources that technology can offer! We offer both generic and fully customized training. All courses can be accessed using various... Read more »

By 360 Coverage Pros Mariner Liability Insurance

MASTER Mariner Liability Insurance Program for Professional Mariners

As a Master, you’ve worked hard to build your career as a U.S. Coast Guard licensed officer. Protect your livelihood with coverage through the 360 Coverage Pros Mariner Liability Insurance program. This program provides comprehensive coverage options at affordable rates. Apply for coverage in... Read more »

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By FCI Watermakers

The Max-Q+ is the latest evolution of the Max-Q product line. A 7-inch marine-grade touch screen monitor and APC, Automated Pressure Control, put complete automation at your fingertips. The Max-Q+ and Max-Q+ APC utilize FCI’s next generation controller and interface, allowing customization of... Read more »


MWH is a worldwide provider of perfomance systems housed within large combustion engines for vessels and power generation plants. Leveraging decades of experience, MWH develops reliable critical-to-function components for large 2- and 4-stroke combustion engines, setting new benchmarks for... Read more »